APTEK 2711-1

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Inorganic, thermally radiative, ESD paint


APTEK 2711-1 is a white, mineral oxide filled, one-component, room temperature curing, inorganic coating/paint designed for very high temperature space applications requiring low solar absorptance and ESD capability.

APTEK 2711-1 was developed for use as a thermally conductive coating where excellent resistance to high temperature and intense UV light exposure is required.


  • Inorganic silicate binder provides coating with a service temperature ≥ 700°C (1300°F).
  • Passes NASA outgassing per ASTM-E 595 for space hardware.
  • Inherently has sufficient surface resistivity for ESD applications on both conductive and nonconductive surfaces.
  • High pigment content allows for more economical usage. Typically, 2 wet coats yield a cured thickness of ~3-5 mils depending on travel speed of the spray gun.
  • Water-based formulation for safety. Formulated to sprayable viscosity for convenience.
  • Packaged in high-quality, Nalgene, polypropylene containers to protect the paint from possible corrosion due to alkalinity of the silicate resin.
  • Ceramic mixer beads are included in the container to assist with rehomogenization of the settled pigment when the container is vigorously shaken prior to use.