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Premeasured conformal coating repair kit


APTEK 2503R-A/B is an unfilled, two component, electrically insulating, transparent, flexible urethane coating system designed for the encapsulation and protection of electrical/electronic components mounted on printed circuit boards.


  • Qualified to Mil-I-46058C, IPC-CC-830C, and SCD 6528981
  • Ideal for repair—ready-to-use—no weighing or blending equipment needed
  • Fully compatible with APTEK 2503-A/B conformal coating as well as other commercially available urethane coatings
  • Excellent reversion resistance for good physical stability under high heat and humidity environments
  • Tg BELOW -70°C for excellent low temperature cycling, storage and performance
  • Excellent substrate adhesion; superior to silicones
  • Exceeds NASA outgassing requirements for high vacuum environments
  • Fluoresces under black-light (UV) to facilitate QC inspection of coating coverage of repaired components/substrates
  • Non-TDI based for safety