Aptek is proud to be a key manufacturer of high-performance, specialty paints for the space and military industries.

It is no simple feat to withstand extreme temperature ranges and the rigorous environment of outer-space; however, Aptek has developed custom-formulated paints with unique performance characteristics to support and aid the successful functioning of satellites, rockets, air-craft, and other flight hardware.

White paints: Aptek manufactures organic and inorganic, white, ESD, thermally-radiative, low solar absorptance, high emissivity, low-outgassing paints with excellent resistance to intense UV light exposure. A few options include:

  • APTEK 2719-A/B – flexible, silicone paint, able to withstand up to 205⁰C
  • APTEK 2711 and 2711-1 – inorganic, more rigid paint, able to withstand up to 700⁰C
  • 2554-ESD – flexible paint; able to withstand up to 500⁰C



Black paints: Aptek has developed a variety of low-outgassing, ESD, black paints to meet the intense demands of the industry. Below are a few of the black paints/coatings Aptek manufactures: